Infinite’s Time Attendance System

Hotel Management System

Studies indicate that the average company overpays; Automated time & attendance systems are convenient to use and prevent organizations from overpaying. Infinite's Bio-metric time & attendance system reduces your administrative burden, eliminates lost wages due to timesheet errors or 'buddy punching', and allows you to generate real-time reports on employee attendance and job costing. It even exports data to your existing payroll application!


  • Daily, weekly, Monthly Reports
  • Daily logs of employee's
  • Monthly attendance Register
  • Restrict unnecessary overtime and other exceptions
  • Multiple Shift Management
  • Multi-Branch Operational Software
  • Install Attendance Software on Multiple Computer
  • Remote Report viewing facility
  • Easy Connectivity with Payroll Software
  • Leave / Holiday Management
  • Reports Available in PDF, Word, Excel
  • More than 20+ attendance Reports

Available Models


  • Tracking of accruals such as Absent, Late, Early Leave, Overtime.
  • Shift Management.
  • Holiday Management.
  • Do away with timecard preparation, collection, filling and storage.
  • Be more productive, efficient and profitable.
  • Restrict unnecessary overtime and other exceptions.
  • Improves employee productivity.
  • Multi Location & Multi Department.
  • Easy integration with Payroll Software & ERP.
  • Flexible and powerful reporting capabilities.
  • Import Employee records from Excel.
  • Facility to Export reports in Excel/Word/PDF format.
  • Desktop Application with Client server Technology.
  • Email Integration for Leave management & Management reporting.


  • Daily Reports: -
    • Arrival Report.
    • Absent Report.
    • Performance Report.
    • Overtime Report.
    • Miss-punches Report.
  • Weekly Reports: -
    • Late coming Report.
    • Overtime Report.
    • Attendance Report.
    • Performance Report.
    • Early going Report.
  • Monthly Reports: -
    • Attendance Report.
    • Overtime Report.
    • Early going Report.
    • Late coming Report.
    • Absent Memo Report.
    • Late Memo Report.
    • Early Memo Report.
    • Miss-punch Memo Report.
    • Summary Report.
    • Employee Performance Report.
    • Employee Details Attendance Report
    • Employee Date-wise Performance for a Month Report.
  • Other Reports:-
    • List of Employee Report.
    • Employee Address Report.
    • Shift Master Report.
    • Department Master Report.
    • Permanent Employee List Report.
    • All Masters Report

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