Front Office Management

Front Office Management

A good front office management solution automates the check-in process and reduces it to a few quickly questions before the guest can head to their room. Front office management is more than just the reservation process and when software is adopted it effectively needs to automate all front office functions. Infinite’s Front office module has been structured to handle multiple tasks and sync the data that is collected with Infinite’s HMS. Infinite’s Front office management solution allows users to view graphical representation of data and thus access business intelligence. Tools such as guest history in the front office management software allow hotels to offer a personalized experience to guests. The guest history module provides insights into food preferences of the guest, frequency of stay, loyalty membership, room requirements and other preferences.


  • Hotel Status from the Main Screen
  • Guest Check In/ Check Out
  • Day Use Feature
  • Extra Charge posting and defining Extra Charge Package
  • Flat Discount and various types of discount can be offered
  • Split Folio option to separate on extra charge and room tariff
  • Close folio option for long staying guest
  • Advance deposit and refund option
  • Direct Billing / City ledger and Folio Transfer options for settlement.
  • Do-Not rent feature for black listed Guest.
  • Automatic folio routing for different folio of extra charge.
  • Wakeup Call and Guest follow up option.
  • Night audit process with automated backup system and reporting's.
  • Flexible Rate strategy management.


  • Graphical representation of Property.
  • Walk-in Guest handling.
  • Quick Booking or Reservation management.
  • Financial aspects such as cash payments, handling guest folios, verifying checks, credit cards and more.
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Efficient automation and management of all Front Office management operations.
  • Enhanced decision making capabilities
  • Reduced operational costs and personalized guest services and more.

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